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Just a quick reaction because I'm off on another trip - what is it about Smallville and travel for me? Anyways, loved it, loved it, loved it! Best season finale ever - I was totally blown away.  A+++. >

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I'm sure there are more good (and perhaps a few bad) things that I've forgotten about, but I'd better finish my packing. Hope you enjoyed the show half as much as I did.
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I haven't been doing in depth reviews lately, mostly because I find it so hard to express my feelings. I am still clinging to the hope that the writers will realize just why so many people had problems with the end of last season and make a radical shift in their M.O. That would mean actually standing behind Clark and validating his world view - something that flies in the face of modern showbiz thinking that darker is more edgy and interesting. Me, I'm a great fan of optimism, which is why I'm attracted to the story of Clark Kent and Superman. Smallville does make it hard at times to be a fan of the main character! 

As for Sacrifice, I give it a middle of the road B. Details under the cut )
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Hi all, I'm back! Well, I actually got back on Friday but I promptly got sick and have spent most of my time sleeping. Still trying to catch up on my flist - I do love all the amazing stories and meta and art you've been creating!

I had a great birthday in Smiths Falls. We actually spread out the celebration over nearly a week so my diet was pretty much smashed to shreds. The highlight was going into Ottawa to see the Senators play what turned out to be an absolute thriller of a game that clinched their playoff berth. We also saw several movies including Clash of the Titans, which wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Many thanks to my flist for the birthday wishes and pics and V-gifts and the lovely story by [livejournal.com profile] twinsarein. I'd like to thank you all individually but I lost the list I was keeping from Smiths Falls. I'm such an idiot!

I just realized that thanks to all my recent travels, I haven't reviewed any Smallville episodes since Absolute Justice. So for the record, here are some mini reviews.

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A++. I totally loved this episode, even though I understand and share much of the criticism I've seen directed its way. How does that work? Because I enjoyed what I saw, even as in retrospect I can see opportunities where it could have become so much more.

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Sadly, I will miss the next few episodes as I'm off to Whistler tomorrow for the Olympics. Go Canada! (Had to sneak that in.) I may tweet a few updates (jlvsclrk) if I can figure out how to do so on the road (I'm sadly behind the times). BTW, the postcard offer still stands if you want one. 

Keep safe all. Talk to you again when I get back at the end of the month.

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This episode was far from great and the "A" plot felt like an immense waste of time to me, but I enjoyed the other elements enough to give it a rather tepid B.

Stray thoughts under the cut ) PS - I'm leaving next week for Vancouver-Whistler and the Olympics. If you'd like a postcard, please send me a PM with your address. Thanks!
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This is a difficult episode for me to evaluate. Parts of it worked very well, but parts of made me ask questions that threw me out of the storytelling. Most importantly, I feel Clark was rendered largely irrelevant for much of the episode and that is never acceptable to me. Still, I thought it somewhat better than Kandor so give it a perhaps too generous A-.

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A while back, [info]jeannev asked her readers to identify episodes whose reputation is based on one key scene. For me, Idol falls into this category - the final scene lifts it from a fun but fairly routine story into the range of some of Smallville's best episodes ever. Not quite in the same league as Transference, Labyrinth or Apocalypse, but still a resounding A+.

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Oops, nearly forgot to post this one! Kandor was a good episode that had the potential to be great, which makes me harder on it than a piece of fluff like Rabid. I give it a B(+).

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I've seen a lot of great reviews for this episode, mostly positive, some neutral and others negative. The odd thing about it is I can totally understand all the differing points of view. Crossfire has something for just about every Smallville fan to like, but it probably had something for just about everyone to dislike too. For me, the positives definitely outweighed the negatives so I give it an A.

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I had extremely low expectations of this episode and even so it managed to disappoint. I don't like Ollie so that was already a few strikes against it, but the way this episode played out had Power looking like a masterpiece to me. Certainly deserves consideration for the worst episode ever IMO. An unqualified F.

And there's nothing under the cut because I don't have anything whatsoever positive to say about the episode.
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This review is late because I've been mulling about whether and why I liked Echo more or less than Rabid. Both episodes had their flaws but they also had some really great scenes as well. So I eventually came to the same grade for both episodes, an A-.

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Hi there! I'm just back from a looonnggg weekend with limited internet access. Just a short review this time, more for the sense of completeness than because I really have anything new to add to the discussion.

I can't remember an episode that I've enjoyed this much despite the huge number of flaws. The good bits were just so good that I'm prepared to overlook the hideous waste of time and space that is Oliver Queen's arc, not to mention the even more perfunctory than usual "science" of the cure. So I'll give it an A- and rewatch it frequently, but always with the remote in hand to fast forward through the ugly bits.

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I'm still bouncing with excitement and delight after the second viewing of Metallo - it must be love! I absolutely adored this episode and it ranks up there with the best ever in my books. A+++
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Smallville returns for its ninth season with a real burst of energy. It wasn't quite as good as my fondest dreams, but not nearly as bad as my worst. In fact IMO, it's the best premiere since Arrival, so I give it a solid A+.

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