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Further to a post by [livejournal.com profile] goodvibe, here's my ranking of the episodes of Season 8. Overall, the season grades out to a B+ for me, just about on par with Season 1 in the middle of my rankings by season. Some may cry heresy to rate these two seasons the same, but the ranking is calculated giving each episode the same weight. If I weighted the season premier and finale more heavily, a very different story would be told!

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I fear this episode is destined to be damned with faint praise, if that. There were parts I liked but overall, and especially considering it was supposed to pay off several episodes of questions, the episode left me flat and expecting more. So I give it a B, far and away the lowest mark I've ever given to a season finale.

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Last week, Beast left me outraged and with a giant pit in my stomach about where the show was going to take my hero. Those feelings are gone: this episode did a wonderful job in setting me up for the finale. Yes, Injustice had a slew of script related problems but it had a few major things going for it. So overall, I give it a B+.

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Grrrr! I don't even know where to start. I have no idea how to evaluate this episode, because everybody but Clark behaved like complete *insert expletives* at one point or another. And Clark, who came up with a solid plan and stood up for Chloe, is insulted by both Chloe and Ollie as his reward. My only real question is how far down the scale of awfulness this episode ranks: is it Power bad or only Toxic bad? Actually, IMO this episode starts to make Power look good - that's just how pissed off it left me. So a D.

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What a pleasant surprise this episode turned out to be! From the episode description and trailer, I feared this would be a silly story that would just succeed in damaging Lois's reputation as a journalist. But it turned out to be the opposite: Lois realized that her ambition had led her to cross the line in pursuit of the story and learned an important lesson. And we saw Clark, Lois and Jimmy combine to get their very first story on what will become Intergang. I give it a very enthusiastic A(+).

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I had to watch this episode twice to fully appreciate it. I'm sure some will dismiss it as "filler" and others will hate the "epiphany" that Chloe reached, but I don't. Sure they covered some familiar territory on Clark's side, but they covered it well, with a lot of humour. I give it yet another A.

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Loved it, loved it, loved it! No, its not the best ever episode and there were some things I didn't like, but parts of it were just flat out wonderful. An unabashed "A" - would have been an A+ with more Clark time.

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Smallville is back: really, really back! This wasn't quite a perfect episode, mainly because I really don't enjoy watching Tori Spelling attempts at acting. But in a way her histrionics were well suited to a character who's utterly convinced of her right to publish any number of lies and innuendo to get the front page headline. I found Clark's struggle against the power of the tabloid press quite riveting and give the episode a solid A.

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And so it ends. Not with a bang but, well, I guess it was with a little bit of a bang. Requiem was certainly a recovery from the dregs of Power but it was also one of the bleakest episodes we've ever seen. Not exactly the reason I signed on to Smallville, but at least the Clana run is over. I'll give it a "here's hoping for the future" B-.

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I'm not sure I know where to start. If I was coming into this as a new series with no knowledge of the characters or their past, I would probably say, "Wow, that's a pretty kick ass heroine. Not so sure about the tall guy standing next to her."

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Huh. I can't recall a Smallville episode that has ever left me more bemused. I didn't hate it though I certainly didn't love it. I'll give it a B(+). There were some interesting points raised about law enforcement and justice, and some good Tess moments. But ultimately, this episode was all about the resurrection of Clana, and that's never a good thing.

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Praise be, Smallville is back! It was great having the first 10 episodes run consecutively, but that only made the winter hiatus literally longer than ever. During the wait, I'd been flipping back and forth between anticipation and dread. As it turned out, I really enjoyed the episode, even more so on second viewing. I'll give it an A-.


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Now that took me by surprise. Much less of D than I expected, so initially I took off some points for lack of action. And I'm sure many fanboy reviews will harp on this. But on second viewing,I threw my expectations out the window and enjoyed it so much that I have to give it a solid A.

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Another wow episode for me, though I can't help but wonder how Chlarker's will react. I give it an A(+) - not quite a grand slam because I do have my quibbles, but a definite hit.

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This is a tough one for me to evaluate. The plot was engrossing but the dialogue, not so much. I missed the lighthearted banter that have really set this season apart from me. Caroline Dries strikes again: she's been on a slide recently IMO with Toxic and Sleeper. The acting was also a bit uneven, particulary by Laura V. So on balance, I'll give it a B. (OK, I watched it again and have upped it to a B+, maybe even an A-)


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Wow, wow, wow. I'll give it an A+ because there's very little I found to quibble with. Not quite in the ranks of the best ever like Memoria and Transference because it lacked the emotional impact of those. But great fun and yet another important step on Clark's journey.

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I'll give it a B because of brave, brawny Clark, learning just how to accomplish the destiny he wants for himself without losing himself while doing it.

All told, good but not great. Emotionally and visually, it felt far too bleak for what should be an exciting turning point in Clark's journey.

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I'll give this episode, hmmm, an A-. Nothing at all wrong with it, some very funny Clois moments, but still lacking in dramatic tension.

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This gets a B from me: OK but not great. A definite improvement from last week but then I hated Toxic so that's damning with faint praise. I also only got to see it once since I was on the road because of Canadian Thanksgiving and my sister doesn't have all the channels I've gotten used to. Sometimes the episodes do improve on second viewing.

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Only a C for me, which is very low on my scale. Found more to dislike by far, especially Ollie's unwarranted rant to Clark at the end. What an <insert expletive>.

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