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Got back laate last night from Algonquin Park and slept and slept and slept. I do love camping but it's hard work, and my increasingly aching bones don't react well to the cold and humidity - both of which were very much a problem at night. We took the dog with us for his first camping trip, which added a whole level of trouble - and fun - to the experience. He loved to jump on the air mattress next to me and curl up, and couldn't understand why he didn't fit into the sleeping bag. I almost wish he had fit as it would have been a lot warmer with his body heat added to mine. It got so cold that one night, I wound up poking him to make sure he was okay - I sure wasn't. 


Our typical day went like this: awake at an utterly ungodly hour like 6 AM, bathroom break, short walk, back to sleep, breakfast, long walk, nap / reading, lunch, nap / reading, long walk, dinner, make s'mores, stargazing, short walk, bathroom break, sleep, wake up cold, zip up mattress, get back to sleep, wake up cold, add another layer, sleep...

Link to my facebook album.
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We only had 26 hours in Yosemite, which isn't nearly enough. A lot of the most famous sights can be glimpsed from the Yosemite Valley loop road, but it often takes a hike of an hour or more to get a proper view. My sister Barbara and I had made a list of the hikes we thought we could fit in, including the Mariposa Grove, Glacier Point and Taft trails to be done as we drove into the park on Sunday from LA, then the Lower Yosemite Falls, Cook Meadow and Bridalveil trails as we left the park on Monday for San Francisco.
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If you want to see more of my favorite pics of Yosemite, check out my Facebook album. So beautiful!
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I thought I'd share a much belated summary of my recent trip to California. Long story short, it was amazing and I definitely want to go back. There's so much I didn't get to see! A week in Los Angeles is not enough! )

For a link to all my favourite photos from LA, check out my Facebook album. Note that you don't need to have an account to see the pics, although I don't think you see all the comments if you're not. LMK if you want to friend me.


Jul. 16th, 2011 05:50 pm
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I've just finished packing for my summer trip to California - I'm so excited! I'll try to check online to keep up with y'all but I'm going to be very busy indeed. We're visiting Los Angeles, Yosemite and San Francisco and have a ginormous list of things to do. I just hope my body can deal with the heat in L.A. - I've felt so sluggish lately. But I usually perk up miraculously on vacations so here's hoping. Can't wait to see the Pacific and to frolic in the waves!

I'll be back on July 31st. À bientôt!

Adopt one today!
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Olympic Rings

I've posted my favourite pics from the Olympics to facebook - Click and enjoy! And if those aren't enough, LMK and I can send you links to my sister's albums.

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Just back from a quick trip to California. The userpic I've chosen is of Zenyatta returning after her victory in the Ladies Classic.  That was the highlight of the trip for me but as far as photos go, the best is below the cut. I've done a fair bit of travel in my time and seen a lot of amazing places, but can't think off hand of any place that surpasses Seventeen Mile Drive in Carmel-by-the-Sea at sunset.
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