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Yikes, I've been AWOL for far too long flisties - my bad. However on the philosophy of better late than never, here are my random thoughts about Finale. Despite some WTF moments and a few missed opportunities, I have to give it an A+ for the moments that had me misty eyed, nostalgic and bouncing with joy.

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To quote my sister, 'it needed more lemur'. Sure there were some wonderful comedic moments, but they didn't add up too much. Not the worst ever but only a C.

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In a season that has fumbled the ball all too frequently despite some amazing moments, Beacon was a standout episode for me. I loved just about everything about it and give it an enthusiastic A+. Lets hope it marks a turning of the tide and that we'll see a more active Clark in the weeks to come.

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Sorry I've been so out of touch. The back end of the move is proving much more time consuming than I anticipated - it's hard finding places for all my stuff! It often means first getting rid of my sister's furniture / computer / utensils / whatever which have gotten a little worn down over the year. And I just can't throw out her stuff if I don't like it the way I did with all kinds of my crap. So many things have sentimental meaning for her! Argh. Well, at least I've finally got the cappuccino maker set up. And we did a great job together repainting and reflooring my bedroom so I shouldn't complain. Next up is the roof, then the bathroom. Will renovations never cease?

Anyways, I wanted to post my thoughts on Lazarus even though I don't have all that much original to say. I'm finding it hard to grade the episode because although a few scenes ranked with my all-time favourites, there was also a whole boatload of WTF going on. So despite all the lovely Clark screentime, I'd have to give it a somewhat average B+.

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